Cat a b c d

(Smoke Emm All) #1

Hi all.

I have seen in some of the rides that you can put yourself in to a grading for example A B C D. For myself I would be in D as I reckon I can average 2.5 without going over my threshold. Going up to C 2.5 - 3.2 I would get dropped so not a good idea.

I was wondering, If Zwift knows you average say 3.1 does it prevent you from going in as a cat D? Or can you go in if you like? Also if I start to average 2.8 will I be not allowed to go in any cat D events?

(Nigel Doyle) #2

Zwift does nothing to stop you entering whatever grade you want to go in. If you enter the wrong grade as some people do then you’ll often be reclassified in the results on You need to be registered on and in your Zwift settings allow Zwift to connect to

The idea is you enter the grade based on your FTP.

(Smoke Emm All) #3

Thanks Nigel.