Cast Shadows on Apple tv?! Yeah!

(Colin Berry 3R B) #1

Hey I just did an event on Apple tv in the NYC environment and there were cast shadows! Is this now a permanent feature? First time I’ve seen this.

(🚴🏼‍♂️) #2

Will have to switch to ATV this evening and take a look.

(Vincent) #3

There was an Apple TV update :eyes:

(Colin Berry 3R B) #4

Thank you! Looks great.

( Double A) #5

Looks awesome!

(Mike Day) #6

Great Improvement. Thanks!!

(Pieter Macquoy) #7

Is there a place where all the updates on the different platforms are listed with the changelog? I only seem to be able to find the major updates…

(Karel Bruneel ) #8

This makes a huge difference. Now we can really recommend ATV 4K. Thank you so much Zwift!

(Andy Linquist) #9

Are shadows present in all worlds or just NY? I’m trying to decide if AppleTv is worth it.

(Colin Berry 3R B) #10

All worlds have shadows. Your bike will not have a cast shadow but no biggie. The environments look great. Been running it since I started. Quick start up. Has worked great. Only quirk is to time when I put my HR strap on to pair with it. A little finicky. I put it on the moment before I open the game and it pairs well that way.

(Andy Linquist) #11

Thanks for the information. I went ahead and picked up an Apple TV 4K. For anyone else reading this in the future, I switched from an iPad 2017 which I often ran directly to my tv with a lightning to hdmi. The Apple TV is a pretty big improvement - not just the shadows but overall graphics such as the road resolution. My setup is Apple TV into into a 32in tv at 1080p on a wall that my front tire touches. Looks great.