Carmichael Training Systems

(Allan Watkins) #1

Saw structured workouts by CTS mentioned in the e-mail I received, I think a neat feature would be for those athletes that are coached by CTS like myself could wear the CTS kit in-game as a unique item.

In that respect, many MMO and other games also do things like give the beta testers items that are only available to beta testers to show appreciation for their help in beta / stress testing the game out. A recent example of this if you’re wondering what I mean is the recently released game Destiny gave everyone who participated in the stress test an emblem.

So perhaps a custom jersey or something along those lines would be neat !

(Steve Remy / Monster Media) #2


(Allan Watkins) #3

Oh! Another idea, how about a special jersey or kit for those of us crazy enough to hit the max level in beta? =)

I’m nearly 11 and I know there are a handful of other folks out there too.