Capping fixed rewards at certain level

(Rhizopus Budi ZSG) #1

Currently Zwift is giving rewards for each level.

I think somehow it’s gotta change. Because there is no end to this. And managing rewards for certain level is also requires additional resource / work on developers’ end.

One way to solve this problem is to cap the fixed rewards at certain level e.g. level 20. After this, riders will just accumulate points. Those accumulated points can be used to “buy” rewards from the pool of rewards.

So developers just need to keep adding rewards to the pool and the required points. And riders will have freedom to spend his points.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

I like the idea that I could spend “20000 XP” on a Specialized bike while someone else could spend the same XP on a different brand’s bike. Or smaller amounts on different jerseys etc. XP becoming virtual cash to spend in the virtual shop.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #3

That makes sense, but it is pretty cheap to doll out jerseys with a level number on them.  I realize in many respects a L20 jersey is just a way of saying “been around here a while” but it still has some cachet.  I still think the 100 mile jersey is the top dog jersey though because I’m not (yet) crazy enough to do that.

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #4

Could add some levels or jerseys that would be harder to achieve, sort of strava challenge like.  For example, instead of achieving a level for riding say 100 miles, award points for riding a 100 miles in a week, 250 in a week, etc., or hours in a week, hours in one session, etc.