Capacity and resources!

went to join Andre Greipel et al,  tried to connect, failed repeatedly crashing. 

Signed onto the next one, did a free ride and then tried to join, crashed again!,


im not being funny, but you know how many people are trying to be online or likely to be at an event and haven’t set up a system able to cope or manage the resources needed to handle the capacity… Other online platforms have to handle much more load than your system, less than 3,500 users online! Admittedly yours in one session.

I wouldn’t complain, but I’m paying, get your stuff together please, it’s not acceptable. If you think 3,500 are going to turn up, you have a system able to handle 7,000. It’s not rocket science and many of your employees are from the gaming industry… You have the knowledge there and if not on site the contacts…


Exactly the same here. Crashed three times and now can’t login. Says check Internet connection but everything else on same machine OK. Guess this is overload. Not what Might be acceptable on RGT but not with a maturing service.


The second ride crashed on me as they went to put everyone in the pen, about 8:26 eastern. Was obvious the server went down. But I came back at 8:55 and was able to do the third ride without a problem.

I think people need to lighten up a little.  Yes there were issues but for 99% of the time Zwift remains rock solid and for what pay in subscription per month it remains amazing value for money.  1st time I’ve experienced any sort of issue like this and there are bigger things in life to worry about in my opinion

You have to keep in mind it’s *not* a case of insufficient capacity or resources being devoted to the issue. There is obviously a problem with the way the Zwift system is designed however it’s not as simple as they didn’t buy enough server capacity.

I’m sorry Mark, I respect your opinion but have to disagree with how you have read my post, I never said it was “enough server capacity”, they may well have enough servers to do the job, however the failure they have indicated was “possibly” down to so many people logging in at once. Neither you or I will get to see the server and process log files and the problems continued way past those rides that would have had lots of people logging in. But for arguments sake let’s say it was the Login that caused the problem. The system didn’t have the capacity or resources allocated to the Login area to cope. At no point did I say they need to buy more servers. I did however say they need to “ setup a system able to cope or manage the resources needed to handle the capacity”, whether that be at the Login, or In Game. At no point did put the words “enough server capacity” get put together as one sentence that’s an entirely different statement to the one I wrote. I agree, they have a problem as do they.

I did a race last night with I think 53 more riders, but I was the only one there, everyone else was not visible to me. Is this the same problem here? I didn’t get disconnected or anything, just couldn’t see anybody…


What world where you on during the race?