Can't use Wahoo Bolt while Zwifting

Hello. I am trying to run Zwift and my Wahoo Bolt at the same time, as I need real time avg for power/lap that Zwift does not provide. Both are running off Bluetooth. I can’t get the Bolt to consistently read the power (or any data, other than time) while on Zwift. I’m guessing this is a crossover issue from having both use Bluetooth. However, I’ve tried to transition the Bolt to Ant+ and can’t seem to get it to work (it just stays at BTLE). I’ve also tried turning the Bluetooth off on my MacBook Air, which runs Zwift, and use the Ant+ for Zwift, but Zwift would not allow it.
I had a previous Wahoo trainer and was able to run the Bolt and Zwift through Bluetooth simultaneously without any issues. This just seemed to pop up when I moved to the new trainer.
Any ideas or suggestions on how to use my Bolt while on Zwift?