Can't U-Turn [October 2021] [1.18.0]

I can confirm that if one chooses the Jungle Circuit and then manually turn left to the Alpe Du Zwift climb, one can successfully U-Turn after the finishing banner and U-Turn again at the bottom for more ascents.

I just completed 2 ascents of the Alpe Du Zwift 1 hr ago. However, the power-up issue is not working since the inception of Alpe Du Zwift as usual.

I assume this 19.0 will include lot of bug fixes not just u-turn problem. We can be patient, 2-weeks is relativily short time to wait this update. Thanks for info.

Going to upset thousands of more users if you’re going to wait two weeks to release the fix, unbelievable, very poor, this for me alone shows Zwift isn’t User focussed at all.


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What odds they just remove the U-turn button entirely :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for this @Roule_Thoune!. It works!!!.

Followed your steps and I was able to climb the AdZ and do many U-Turns!.

As you suggested, I selected the “Jungle Circuit” route and manually navigated to the AdZ. Climbed it and did several U-Turns after the top banner. It works perfect!. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

The trick is NOT to select “Road to Sky” route as you would be completing the route at the top banner, and would hit the U-Turn bug. When selecting “Jungle Circuit” and manually navigating to the AdZ you don’t complete routes. This way you avoid the U-Turn bug at the AdZ!!!.

Thanks SO MUCH!.


Hey, don’t thank me, Pedro! I read your post #54 (from six days ago), which was the first one in this thread to suggest the route-completion issue being the root of the problem. I was happy to test it out a minimal risk, after all the work done by others.

And that’s why I like these Forums so much. A great bunch of people trying to help each other out towards a common goal.


I’ve been having this u-turn and 24km/h speed limit issue for days when I am following a bot. It is happening on multiple routes (not just AdZ) and it is happening regardless of whether or not a route is finished.

I’m surprised how long this problem has existed (I expected a fix within a couple of days for sure, given it has a pretty significant impact!). Is there any update on when this will be fixed?

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Yes if you scroll up.

10th November is probably when we can expect the next update which will include the fix according to Zwift in post #158


Yes @Mark_Hawkins2. Unfortunately it happens after any route completion. Not only the AdZ. We paid special attention to the AdZ trying to help people attempting vEveresting.


There is a workaround listed to do the veveresting. Just pic a different route. See above.


Any updates on this? Coupled with this when I finish a group ride and stay on for after party the directional arrows don’t come up - you stay locked into whatever choice the system decides (I’m guessing from the previous group ride) I ended up on my own and stuck at 15mph

What new bugs are planned for version 19?


Scroll up. there is an update.

Same here, Uturn didn’t work, then stuck at 15mph!!! MacBook Pro (Apple M1, 2020)…very annoyed!

Hi Mike, so group rides 2 staturday mornings in a row. I usually complete the SZR ride then do and after party up to 100mile a. Last week did the Uber prezel route 80 mile then carried on in watopia as this was the world I started in. Once I carried on and we all had a 5 min break came back and carried on to 100 mile during that time U-turn did not work and I carried on round in the Jungle as per the way Zwift took me. This week I started in watopia the went to my event in London did the SZR group ride 100km London flat. After it finished I stayed in London for after party to do 100 mile and as we came to the first junction I only had right turn option - rest of group had 2 options and they were going left. I then tried u-turn and didn’t work and was limited to 15mph - gave up. What confused me was the rest of them had the 2 arrows and I only had one never mind the u-turn pain.

Didn’t know this issue until this morning when I attempted my first basecamp. It turned out to be 3 different activities so I gave up after the 3rd up. Hope they fix this soon. :crossed_fingers:t4:

Rode the Pack Sub 2.0 event on London Pretzel, finished the route then switched over to Makuri Farmland Loop where I did my logon. I didn’t attempt a U-turn after The Pretzel but when I got on Farmland, U-turns worked fine. I’ll try it tomorrow by doing a U-turn after the event then switch to the starting world and see what happens.

U-turn after an event is still broken. :face_vomiting: Please fix this. That’s a big bug and not something that doesn’t matter at all.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: !!!