Can't switch bikes in The Garage [1.25.0] [May 2022] [SOLVED]

That’s exactly what I did and I came back here to tell everyone! :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

It didn’t work first time but did on the second.

I’m still going to get dropped but at least I’ll have no excuses now :speak_no_evil:

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Eagerly awaiting a fix

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I installed Zwift and reinstalled and I could select the bike and wheels normally.

But, now it no longer creates fit files nor uploads my rides. Seeking a refund as Zwift is not functional.

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  • Platform: PC
  • OS: Windows 10 (i5 4670K, 16 gig ram, geforce GTX1070
  • Zwift 1.25.0 (100966) -
  • Wahoo Kickr, Ant+
  • I am on new UI

Issue: When I go to change my bike I can select my bikes but Zwift does not retain the bike switch. My rider appears to be on my old bike (or a completely different bike than the one I’ve chosen), and if I go back into bike selection it does not have the bike selected that I chose. Currently I cannot select my TT bikes at all, and many of my road bikes. It seems I consistently get put on a Cannondale Evo bike most frequently, though occasionally another road bike.

I have tried:

  • Found no other posts about this other than an old post related to AppleTV
  • Tried to do the switching from both the main menu as well as in-ride.
  • Turning it on and off again (both my computer, and zwift separately, many times).
  • Uninstalling Zwift and reinstalling (which auto-updated back to 1.25)
  • Going outside

Appreciate any help in getting this issue resolved so i can change bikes. Thanks kindly

EDIT: my post got merged into here. The double click worked.

Maybe 1 of those recent 150-200 employees that were let go? Maybe it’s time to relax on the custom homemade platform and build up something better on unreal or unity?


I had this problem when assessing the garage for the new game menu but changing frame from the in ride menu works (Windows 10).

On the plus side I am getting a nice FPS bump on my AMD CPU with GPU utilisation going up…its the small wins hahahah

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Same problem. I had to switch to old PC, double click to pick Tron, exit and relaunch Apple TV.

+1 for this Windows 10. I am stuck on Zwift carbon… I also tried to switch bikes for the in-game menu but that doesn’t work either for me.

I’m on a Mac and was stuck on one bike if I went into the garage directly. However, I started a route and then went into the garage. Clicked on the “wrong” bike, then on the one I wanted and it worked.

We’ve identified the cause of this bug and the fix is coming in the next v 1.25.1 patch later this week.

In the meantime this is the workaround as described above:

  1. From any world and route, bring your bike to a stop. You will not be able to select a different bike if your avatar is still in motion.
  2. Select the Menu button in the lower left corner.
  3. Enter the Garage
  4. Select the bike you want and double-click to save.
  5. Resume riding .

There is already a racing and training platform built on Unity. It’s stable, has fewer bugs and more customization. But… Mention that 3 letter name anywhere near Zwift and all the Zwift apologists bring out the pitchforks.

Seriously though… we are the testers.


I love paying every month to continually be a beta tester.

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This appears to have just happened to me now after recently updated. Can’t change MTB bike as just keeps defaulting back to it. Any advice?

Go into a ride on whatever bike you are on.
Access the garage via the in game pause menu and double click on the bike you wish to use.
Resume game and you should be sorted.

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Everything is better on a MTB.:sunglasses:.

Didn’t work for me. Stuck on same bike all week. Oh well. Wait for the patch.
Thank you

Yeah double click hasn’t worked for me either. Maybe that’s an Apple TV thing. Not a problem if I’m not racing but looks ugly on a MTB :joy:

Today’s game release contains the fix for this bug. Please update at your earliest convenience.


Thank you.:pray:t3:

I have a full Zwift ladies forum on this… the new update sucks. I’ve been on a Zwift standard bike for a week. Was finally able to change yesterday ONLY because I bought a new bike with drop points. No bike changes been permitted all week. Zwift please fix this!!