Can't Start Zwift Event (ToW Stage 4) - Left Powerless in Holding Pen

Really weird. Did 10 mile warmup on Makuri Islands no problem. Transported to Watopia no problem. But when it was time to go - nothing. I did note about a half-dozen other riders appeared to be stuck also.


Did you see any Watts or was it stuck at zero?

Zero. Wheels weren’t spinning. In fact, in the 5 minute warmup time my wheels weren’t spinning and graphically I wasn’t pedaling. Should have been a clue, huh?

I should also note, when logging into the Zwift App (on MacBook) this AM, there was a software update performed. But again - warmup on Makuri was flawless.

This sounds more like some kind of Bluetooth or pairing problem. I also got that update on my mac and rode ToW stage 4 this morning with no issues. In an event this large it’s also normal for some people to be left behind in the pen. Very rarely I have had to either turn off Bluetooth and reenable it, or reboot the laptop to get it working. Hasn’t happened in a while though.