Can't send group Ride Ons

I’m running the latest companion app on my Galaxy S10+, and in the last few group rides, I don’t get a ring around my location arrow in map view, and pressing the thumbs up button on the bottom doesn’t do anything.

I CAN click on a rider dot in the map view and give a ride on ok, and in the nearby riders list I can click a rider and give them a ride on.

Is group Ride On not working, or is it disabled in specific group rides?


The ‘mass’ ride on (pressing circle in Companion app) is always disabled in group rides and events, except for the ride leader.

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Thank you, was hoping it was intended. :slight_smile: Ride on!

FWIW: It is one of the many ‘Feature Requests’ somewhere on the Forum to have the ‘mass Ride On’ enabled for group events. If you would like this, search for the request and vote it up!

Voted them up, Thanks again!