Can't see other riders from 4G

Hi all- for the past 18 months have been using Zwift app off my iPhone on 4G, mirror screened to my AppleTV connected to a larger screen setup. The last three rides, I now can’t see any other riders.

I have my Zwift setup in my shed, and my home modem/router is too far away for me to be using WiFi. Have never had an issue with the above setup until a few rides ago. Has Zwift changed something?

Thanks in advance.

My guess is that the cell provider is now blocking some ports that is used by Zwift.


A year down the track am I seriously the only ■■■■ on the planet that can’t get to see any other riders whilst using this via 4G network?? EVERYONE is denying it’s their issue- Zwift/Mobile Provider… at $25/month I’m losing my ■■■■■■■ sense of humour

Could you use your phone as a hotspot and run zwift on your appleTV instead of mirroring the screen and see if that works?

It’s almost certainly as Paul said - your mobile provider not letting all the Zwift traffic through. Zwift uses various “ports” for communication that most other traffic doesn’t use or need, meaning that probably everything else runs fine, and your mobile provider doesn’t see the problem blocking obscure ports.

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which “obscure” ports dos swift use?

I don’t know. But others have looked into this before and they’re not just the usual ones. It’s been discussed on these forums in the past.

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Here’s one article on the subject - Nearby Zwifters Disappearing from the Screen – A Story of Zwift Troubleshooting - Zwift Insider

Zwift used to have their own articles on which ports needed letting through firewalls, but old links to them are broken and I couldn’t find the articles any more.

There are several other threads on the subject if you search for “ports” on these forums.

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My sole source of internet is a 4g hotspot, I have never had an issue with Zwift either using that or running it using a phone and using the phones own data.

Where you based Chris? This may be specific to AU Telstra 4G… My gut feel is if I upgrade my phone to 5G that all could be resolved…

Thanks Steve

Actually, this could be worth a shot

Works for me, although running zwift on an android tablet or PC.

I’m based in the UK.