Can't "Ride With" wife in NYC

(Steve Ricketts (C68)) #1

My wife uses a Mac Mini and I an Apple TV. When she starts to ride, I select her and see the “Ride With Kathy” on the start button. However, when I click it, I’m just dropped in the normal spawning area and not with her. I’ve tried the other way where I ride first but same problem. It did this exact same thing in Innsbruck the first couple of weeks and then started working.

(Marco Hagel (Zrg)) #2

same Issue here in Germany coming with the last update. Tested in every world, not only in NYC ! Please fix this issue because it breaks every “together” ride. Thanks

(Darren Charles) #3

add another two to the count
Same course 221018 at round 2100cet

(Vincent W.) #4

You’re following your wife in game correct?

How to follow:

(Steve Ricketts (C68)) #5

Of course. We’ve been doing this every morning for 2 years. Also, as I mentioned, it did the same thing for the first few weeks in Innsbruck and then started working after an update.

(Genkey) #6

I have the same problem!! I always ride with my friend and lately we are unable to join each other. We have been riding Zwift for over a year together with no issues previously. Can you please fix this? Thank you!

(Vincent W.) #7

Right right, investigating!

Edit: Should be fixed in up coming patch :ride_on: No exact date but should be fairly soon.