Can't "Ride With" wife in NYC

My wife uses a Mac Mini and I an Apple TV. When she starts to ride, I select her and see the “Ride With Kathy” on the start button. However, when I click it, I’m just dropped in the normal spawning area and not with her. I’ve tried the other way where I ride first but same problem. It did this exact same thing in Innsbruck the first couple of weeks and then started working.

same Issue here in Germany coming with the last update. Tested in every world, not only in NYC ! Please fix this issue because it breaks every “together” ride. Thanks

add another two to the count
Same course 221018 at round 2100cet

You’re following your wife in game correct?

How to follow:

Of course. We’ve been doing this every morning for 2 years. Also, as I mentioned, it did the same thing for the first few weeks in Innsbruck and then started working after an update.

I have the same problem!! I always ride with my friend and lately we are unable to join each other. We have been riding Zwift for over a year together with no issues previously. Can you please fix this? Thank you!

Right right, investigating!

Edit: Should be fixed in up coming patch :ride_on: No exact date but should be fairly soon.


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