Can't race/ride after "joined"

After I have "joined a race or ride, I do not get notified when the event is about to start and there is no way for me to participate in the event. I have joined through the Mobil Link on occasion, and for other events I have joined through the game. Both have the same results. In addition, Mobil Link is not connecting when I am riding solo.

I have the same problem. Joining through mobil link or in game. It’s worked once out of a dozen tries now.

Same problem here, I just don’t think it’s clear enough after you join the ride.

Yea, same problem here. I can join about 1 out of 10 events I attempt to join. Usually doesn’t work at all. I join on the Mobile Link app, it shows I am joined, I go back to riding, watch the clock tick down, nothing happens, nothing pops on my screen asking me if I am ready to join. I go back to even on mobile link app and it shows the event has started but of course I am not in it. I try next event, same results. I tried joining 4 events tonight and never could get joined. And my iPad and iPhone times are both correct.

Exactly same problem too.  Why!? Who has the answer…?