Can't paired speed sensor

(Viktor K) #1

I’m new to Zwift, I have:
-Tacx Blue Motion
-2 cadence/speed sensors Magene Gemini 200(chinese), one as cadence sensor, one as speed sensor
-Huawei Honor 6x
-Huawei Honor 10

If I ride through the PC version Zwift + Zwift companion(android, one the same with a smartphone) - everything works fine.
If I turn on the Zwift Android, I cannot connect the speed sensor.
I will clarify - I can connect it, but as a power meter (in this case, it always gives out 0 watts).
In this case, the cadence sensor works without problems.
In the list of speed sensors nothing is displayed.

PS I apologize for my bad english.

(Matthew) #2

I’m experiencing same issue. Running Zwift on Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android 7.0), Cycleops Mag Trainer (dumb), Magene Gemini 210 Sensors for speed and cadence. Speed sensor pairs only as power not speed…cadence sensor pairs correctly.