Can't pair both Power and Controllable signals separately [August 2021] [1.16.0]

I have been having problems for a few days now. Initially my wahoo wasn’t picking up on any of my apple devices. But worked on my partners Android.

I deleted the app on my iPad this evening and reinstalled, but now zwift is picking up my Kickr as a power source but still not as a controllable, and now my Rotor Power Meter won’t pair for the power and cadence.

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Hi @Rachel_Brown_Catenar welcome to Zwift forums and thanks for raising your hand.

In your case - it is possible that you’re not picking up the trainer’s signals because the signal is already paired to another device. This is because most Bluetooth signals can only pair to one receiver at a time.

In situations where only one person is a Zwifter - having Zwift installed on a smartphone + a laptop can cause problems. If one of those devices is already logged in on a previous session that hadn’t been terminated completely - a second device can log in to the same account. In this case - please make sure you’ve saved & exited from all devices, wait 2 minutes for our server to get the all clear message, then try logging in again.

In your case - since someone else in the house also has a Zwift account - be sure all their devices running Zwift are also logged off.

An easy way to make sure that all instances of Zwift are closed out would be to power cycle all the phones / tablets / laptops, then wait the 2 minutes. If you try that - are you seeing the same situation on your preferred Zwifting device?

Nope. All other devices were turned off. I have been going around in circles having these discussions with someone else. I have tried everything obvious already. So this is not the issue

Ok, thanks for confirming. I trust you’ve already done the 4 things in the first post?

At which step do things go sideways?

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  1. Using iPad
  2. Kickr bike
  3. Does not find Kickr bike as controllable trainer
  4. Didn’t update Apple TV. Still worked as advertised

Hi Shuji, thank you and Zwift team putting effort on this.

still v1.15.1, and already do uninstall and reinstall Zwift APP once.

  1. iOS (iPad Pro) + Kickr5 + Quarq
  2. Yes. (Kickr5)
  3. Yes. Just after unpairing Kickr’s power signal and pairing to Quarq, confirm that the controllable is remained paired with Kickr without any configuration.
  4. Yes. Quarq can be paired as cadence source once Quarq be paired as power source.

Hope this helps. Maybe further report of v1.16.0 but not until Monday.

My go to device was the iPad for zwift app but when the power source stopped letting me choose another controllable device (tacx) I then tried Apple TV and companion app(Android phone) which worked twice but has since stopped working. When Apple fails completely I can use zwift on Android phone but it’s a small screen.

If I pair tacx as power source I can pair controllable device as tacx, cadence as assiamo but run out off Bluetooth for tickr HR monitor. Companion won’t find Android companion.

If I pair assiamo as power source, cadence as tacx, controllable device as tacx then I can vary resistance through zwift but tacx cadence doesn’t work so although power displays and I’m moving in zwift my character isn’t pedalling.

If I unpair the power source it goes back to the start choice screen of power source or something else.

Point 4 I covered in the second and third paragraph.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more info.



  1. Yes iPad + kicker v5 + quarq

  2. Yes - if I pair controllable trainer as power source then no issue pairing trainer as countrollable. However I cannot pair my quarq as power source as the trainer will not show up under controllable.

  3. Yes - if I pair everything to the trainer first and then come back and swap power source to quarq then things stayed paired.

  4. Yes - as mentioned in step 3.

In short need to pair everything to trainer and then swap power source to quarq after that as an additional step.

Hi @Rachel_Brown_Catenar, sorry to hear about your frustration with Zwift no longer automatically pairing with your desired configuration of Power, Cadence and Controllable Trainer.

First, I can confirm the recent issues Zwifters have experienced with mixing power meters and controllable trainers are only with Apple devices as Shuji mentioned at the top of this post. So Android (and Windows) were unaffected and remain unaffected.

Second, I am fairly confident we can get your iPad configured to use the devices you want to use.

Now it sounds to me like you would like to use the Rotor Power Meter for power and cadence and the KICKR as your controllable trainer.

Even if I have that right, I may not have an accurate picture of what the Pairing Screen looks like once devices are detected and displayed. It sounds to me like your KICKR is found for power, then you swap to Rotor Power Meter for power, but cadence and controllable trainer are not set.

If I’m wrong about what the Pairing Screen looks like after devices are detected and displayed, I would ask you to please take a screenshot of the Pairing Screen and post it in a reply.

I refer to the displayed Power, Speed, Heart Rate, Cadence, and Controllable devices as “widgets” in my steps below because you can tap them to change whatever device is selected.

Now I don’t want to scare you with my list of steps. You do not need to run through this entire list each time you launch Zwift. This list is just to ensure we can set up your desired device configuration.

Others who are reading this post should keep in mind these steps are intended only for iPad, iPhone or Apple TV. Do not attempt these steps on Mac, it will only confuse things.

Finally, if I got the correct picture of things, here are the steps I think will get you configured with your desired set up.

Once you have launched Zwift and devices are detected and displayed:

  1. If KICKR is selected for power, tap on the Power widget to unpair KICKR as power.
  2. Power off the KICKR
  3. Power the KICKR back on
  4. Tap on the Power widget to pair KICKR as power.
  5. Wait for KICKR to appear in the list.
  6. Select KICKR.
  7. Pairing Screen should now advance to show Heart Rate, Cadence and Controllable widgets.
  8. Controllable widget may be empty.
  9. Tap Controllable widget
  10. Wait for KICKR to appear in the list.
  11. Select KICKR. Controllable Trainer widget should now show KICKR selected.
  12. Now tap on Power widget to unpair KICKR for power.
  13. Other widgets will disappear and we return to just empty power/speed widgets.
  14. Now tap on Power widget again to pair Rotor Power Meter.
  15. Wait for Rotor Power Meter to appear in the list.
  16. Select Rotor Power Meter.
  17. Pairing Screen should now advance to show Power, Heart Rate, Cadence and Controllable widgets.
  18. Controllable widget should now show KICKR selected.
  19. Tap on Cadence widget to pair Rotor Power Meter for cadence.
  20. Select Rotor Power Meter. Cadence widget should show Rotor Power Meter.

If these steps worked and you are satisfied with the set up, tap on the “Let’s Go” button to advance. The devices to be selected for Power, Controllable Trainer and Cadence should now be saved on your iPad for future Zwift sessions.

The question remains why I would ask you to select KICKR for power, when we both know you really want to use Rotor Power Meter for power? It’s complicated, and Zwift is looking to change the way the Pairing Screen works to avoid this confusion. However the straight answer is that currently the only way to select KICKR for controllable trainer is to first pair KICKR for power.

After pairing KICKR for controllable trainer, you can then unpair power, pair Rotor Power Meter for power, and then pair Rotor Power Meter for cadence. This is the order that must be followed to set what I understand to be your desired configuration.

If my steps did not result in your desired set up please know I remain committed to resolving this issue. I may just need more clarification on the desired set up and the step number where my suggestions stopped working for you.

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I had mega problems after the July update with connecting Stages power meter as my primary power source and using my elite direto x as controllable
I now have to pair everything the long winded way ie direto as power source first and then swap everything around but at least it works I guess
Personally I won’t be installing the latest update until I am sure from the forum that the bug has been fixed again !!!
Lost all confidence in the Zwift updates TBH

Seems like alot of issues with this release.

Using Apple TV app. Pairing for bike (RIDE) appears fine, but now lost ability to pair my treadmill (RUN). The treadmill (Sole F80) now shows up in Power Source under Run which is useless. What’s timing on another update to fix these bugs and is there an option to revert to the prior version?

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Since updating to 1.16.0 my trainer is not varying resistance.

  • I’m using an Apple TV paired with an Elite Suito trainer and Wahoo Tickr HR strap.
  • Everything pairs correctly but the trainer is not being controlled.
  • If I unpair the HR monitor, control of the trainer seems to function.
  • For some reason I couldn’t connect my 2nd power meter (Favero) with the Suito control signal.

Hopefully there’s a fix soon.


I’ve recently gone for the switch to Zwift from the Tacx app. (the Tacx app has been working flawlessly in regard to my issue explained below, to validate the trainer)

I have a Tacx Neo 2T, Apple TV fourth Gen, all connected via Bluetooth. I have no resistance on hills, and the trainer feels dumb.

For a note, I’ve also separately tried this on Apple iPhone SE, works fine for one ride, then never again.

If I uninstall the app, begin from scratch and only connect my trainer (with no HR) it works… for ONE RIDE, I can also add in my HR mid-ride and it’s ok. Once I go onto a new, or even the same course again after discarding my ride/ test it doesn’t work again, I get absolutely no resistance and the trainer, and road feel is not registering.

For a note, I’ve also separately tried this on Apple iPhone SE, works fine for one ride, then never again.

I’ve been told by Zwift support chat, that the solution is to re-install the app each time I change a course… that isn’t really incentivizing me to purchase the product is it now. Surely, there has to be a grip on this. At the moment, I won’t be purchasing after hearing such good things! I’ve spent nearly all of my trial KMs on trying to debug an issue, which is totally unacceptable and a really bad advert for the App indeed.

  1. IPadOS 14.7.1
  2. No.

This is the sequence that I use. Connect Power source to Trainer (suito) then disconnect. Then the trainer will appear as an option under Controllable. Chose that and go back and set power to Assioma. No issues with cadence. The trainer does not show up as option under controllable unless you follow above sequence.

  1. Disconnecting power takes you back a screen. Ie power source or speed sensor selection.

Hope this is sorted soon. Seem to be a proverbial on zwift -things that work fine get messed up in updates.

  1. As above, no issues with cadence. Main culprit is Controllable
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@shooj, it wasn’t squashed after the last update. If you go back to thread you marked solved several people responded that they were still having issues.

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  1. windows 10
  2. bluetooth.
  3. I need to pair the power or the cadence first so zwift can see the controllable trainer.
  4. I can disconnect the power or the cadence after the controllable trainer is paired.

Tacx neo/Apple tv
Same problems as every one else.
My set up is now unusable as a reliable training device.
12/53, 80cadence, 10% hill and I weigh 100kg (I wish)
I am looking to switch back to the Tacx software.

No solution, no information, no apology.

Zwift you need to be up front and sort this, releasing upgrades that clearly have not been quality accessed is not acceptable.

On a positive note I seen the part of your system for taking my money is working fine!


Same configuration as Mr Dunbar, stopped working as a controllable trainer with road feel late last week after using it for a month (I’m a new user) so I assume due to this latest version release (V1.16.0).
Is there an estimated timeframe to fix this issue or is it possible to make the previous version (V1.15.1) available to users while it is being fixed/tested?