Can't pair both Controllable and Power signals separately [1.15.0] [July 2021] [SOLVED]

I’ll give it a try in the next hour or so…
Will keep you posted.


It would also be interesting to learn if others can use the companion app to connect the trainer as controllable and PM for power instead? I haven’t tried using the companion app on my iPhone with my iPad before.

Just a thought…


I cannot connect kickr bike via Bluetooth for steering.

No joy with those steps, Which ever device (PM or Kickr core) I select in the first step is the only available device in any of the following steps. It feels like Zwift app is having issues communicating via multiple bluetooth channels. I haven’t tried using PM, Kickr core and HR strap together yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if my HR strap cannot be found when I do check.

Also worth noting @shooj, it appears I can’t save any rides now either…non of my test rides have saved.

UPDATE : Saved using my iPhone ok but not saving rides on the iPad


Same issue, trying to connect as normal, Kickr Snap for controllable and power, but cadence needs my Power2max as Snap doesn’t have cadence. If I connect Power2max for power and cadence, I can’t get the Kickr for controllable. Seems that Zwift isn’t able to connect to multiple BlueTooth connections.

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I’m still experiencing issues with zwift identifying my Assioma power pedals as the option for cadence. I use the pedals for cadence and the kickr for power.

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This bug has been fixed in version 1.15.1 (1.0.75994) that went live an hour ago. Please ensure that you’re on the latest version.

You may need to pair your devices again, and the settings should stick this time. If it does not - you may want to try resetting your game preferences


Bug is fixed !!! You dont need to reset anything. If doesn’t work, just connect trainer to all sensors, than on next screen change power source and cadence to other devices.

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I’ve tried several times and it’s still the same.
I had to put my Garmin candence sensor on my bike to get cadence readings.
I’ve check my Stages power meter on other apps and wearables and its working find on Ant+ and Blue tooth but Zwift can’t find it…

The only way it will find it is if I have the stages set to power source on Zwift then when I search for cadence sensor it finds it…
However it never used to be this way, I could use the stages as a cadence sensor only.
I don’t want to bypass the Wahoo Kickr snap power source because then I can’t select the Kickr snap as the controller…

Zwift has proper messed this up…

I must have wasted 6/7 hrs initially before getting a response from Zwift

You may want to reset your game preferences to start from a clean slate. I’ve linked to the how-to 2 posts above yours.

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I will give this a try, thanks…:+1:

Appeared in Apple App store for my phone, doesn’t appear for my iPad?

Is Apple review still pending for the update for iPad?


My issue is fixed!


Reinstall is “brutal” option, when your Internet link is weak and full loaded with Tokyo, home office and childrens YT. Maybe some in app button to reset and delete fit files and logs?

Scratch that - it’s appeared in App Store, I may have been viewing a cached page.

@shooj : Please thank Zwift for scraping the toast!

@Tadeusz_Wlodarczyk_Z : for iPad - I didn’t do the reinstall, I just searched again for Zwift in the App store (didn’t use the updates page) and updated from there. I’ve checked the fix and it’s solved both my issues.

Good luck…


Yep works for me on iPad and iPhone … Thanks :pray:

@shooj - Im still having issues with this bug.

I can now pair both my PM and trainer but have to do it the long winded way ie connecting trainer as power source first , followed by connecting trainer as controllable before switching back my power source to PM from trainer. Somehow zwift still doesnt like linking the PM as the primary power source from the get go so need to link the trainer first before switching back.

Previously if you chose your PM as power source the trainer would’ve automatically set itself as controllable.

I’ve deleted and reinstalled zwift after today after this patch was released also so resetting my preference didnt fix this problem.


So, I am not the only one who tried all that :slight_smile:
4iiii and a Saris H3 Iphone Xr

Solved! Tks

I just came off Ascenders Team Midweek Ride after 3 tries to get my Tacx Neo OG picked up for Power and FE-c… all that took out 18 of my possible 60 minutes of ride time.

1st Login
All ANt+ devices came off and unpaired… great restarted Zwift

2nd Login
Deteced HR cadence sensor (separate device) but nada for NEO power and FE-c. Restart.

3rd Login
Deleted devices in knowndevices.xml and logged in.
HR and cadence only… then reluctantly presto after nearly a minute Neo Power and FE-c.

After the recent update, my power profile has been patchy and been dropping intermittenly. Yesterday tried doing The Wringler workout, power kept dropping and best trainer locked up at my sprint segment z6 the pedalling became canned as grind fest <50 rpm!

Seriously, I seldom post complaints for an old timer on Zwift. The experience lately has left me very bewildered.