Can't pair both Controllable and Power signals separately [1.15.0] [July 2021] [SOLVED]

in a strange turn of events, my issue resolved itself this morning. I could select the tacx flux as a controllable unit with power cranks as cadence and power sensor. Not sure if there was a fix or if it was a fluke …


which hardware and OS ?
iPAD and iOS 14.6 or 14.7

Hi all,
I just update the iOS to 14.7 and all works fine. I have no glue why but it works -
I didn’t know Zwift fixed it or the new iOS 14.7 is the reason.

I use:
iPad Pro iOS 14.7
Quarq SRAM Powermeter / Cadence
controllable Kickr

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Same here Kickr Snap and power2max!!

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Same issues!! Very frustrating. I tried on both my Android phone and Ipad IOS, both platforms forced me to update Zwift and now my Wahoo Kickr no longer pairs. The Kickr pairs fine with my Wahoo app, and the whole thing was working before I updated Zwift.

Same here. I use Kickr for power and Stages crank PM for cadence prior to update. I can only select either one (kickr or Stages) for power, controllable and cadence (n/a for kickr).
Will the lack of cadence impact an “everyone stays together ride” since we need to keep on pedalling and they can’t read cadence with Kickr?
When’s the fix being released?

no this doesn’t work.

Yes same here, since the update can’t link Rotor cranks as power and cadence source and have Tacx neo2 as separate controllable unit. Used it this way for about 2 years until this week.

Didn’t work for me

I updated to 14.7 but no good for me using taco suito and gave to pedals

The poblem exists also for my Stages SB20 Smart Bike. Zwift on iPad.
Since version 1.15.0 I can no longer separately pair the left Power Meter to Power Source and Cadence, and the Bike itself to Controllable. This used to work w/o problems before updating to 1.15.0

I have just found out that this workaround works for me on my Stages SB20.

  1. Power Source: paired to left power meter
  2. Cadence: I can choose here between left power meter and the bike for pairing. I choose the bike, instead of the power meter. If I choose the left power meter right away for pairing with Cadence here, the bike does not show up for pairing in the next step 3.
  3. Controllable: now the bike is showing up in the list of device. I pair the bike (in your case the trainer) to controllabe.
  4. Cadence: I switch back to the left power meter for pairing.

In the end, Power Source and Cadence are paired to the left power meter, Controllabe is paired to the bike.

Hope this helps in your cases as well.


Same issue since Tuesday, 7/20 when I was pushed the update (going to be turning auto updates off for the future, thats for sure).

I’ve managed to force things to work using a combination of the workarounds suggested, but it seems like theres a limit to how many sensors can pair at once - I cant get controllable, PM, cadence, AND HR to all pair together no matter what, aside from the controllable issue not showing up. So I have to record the workout on my Garmin watch simultaneously, and after the workout unpair the Zwift data file in Training Peaks and upload/pair the one from my garmin so all metrics show up.

What is the ETA on this, Zwift? And what will the steps be to apply the patch?

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But no good again today. What’s the ETA on the patch ?

I did get a reply from the support folks, long story short. This is the rely I received.

“ Zwift has been working non-stop on this for the last 4-5 days. I don’t have a date to give you, but an update should be coming out soon to remedy”

I know this response doesn’t do anything for any one in here other than let us know they’re working on it…. Which hopefully the update gets pushed sooner rather than later.


they could just roll the update back in the mean time but they won’t.

So much ego and lack of care from them… They know you’re stuck with them paying 15USD expensively for nothing so why should they care?

Same here, I’m using an iPad and everything worked smoothly for years. After last update I can’t pair Garmin vector as a power source (I use 4iiii to convert the signal from ant+ to bluetooth) and Kickr as controller, it simply won’t appear as a choice. If I choose the Kickr as the power source, everything works fine but I prefer using the vector because it’s more accurate and I don’t need to calibrate.


Pause your sub…

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Same issue here used to work fine on my ipad Pro until update

All items are visable at the start as soon as you select one or the other it won’t allow you to opt for the other

you can’t pair your usual power / cadence and your trainer to the controllable it is missing despite it being available at the beginning

If you do the opposite you cannot see your cadence and select your trainer as the power you can have it as a controllable but no cadence - I am opting for this in the interim

I have reported and hope Zwift updates asap to resolve

Hi Shuji I tried on my Kickr5+Quarq+iPadPro.

1- Connect Quarq as Power Meter: yes.
2- Connect Kickr5 as Cadence: Can’t find Kickr5 at Cadence.
3- Connect Kickr5 as Cadence: Can’t find Kickr5 at Controllable.

Hope it helps. Thank you.