Cant pair bkool go whit zwift

hi -
when i start zwift i can pair my tacx heatbelt, and speed/carddence.
but i cant pair the smart trainer funktion, so it will do recistian automatic??
its a bkool Go i have. from 2019.

any ideer why.

it works on bkools own simulator program, and it pair fine.

its boot on my mac and on my phone it will not pair the smart trainer funktion. only classic mode.

I have the Bkool pro and I can’t connect it to Zwift on my iPad or my iPhone, but I can connect it to my computer when I connect an ANT+ dongle and put it next to my bkool. Hope this helps.

Works for me too using ANT+. Though I did have to enable “ant+ fe-c” through BKools own software first.