Cant Log on, server not responding

Could not connect to the tour the Zwift.

ZXwift is expensive at 20$ a month, specialy when it’s not working.

Not happy with the situation

Uh oh, sorry Zwift isn’t connecting for you! Can you try troubleshooting your network connection? We have a guide that should help out:“check-your-internet-connection”-error-(cycling)-BkWrZC1WSQ

I had already restarted my computer, trying to fix the issue, with no succes.

All connections in the house working fine.

Loged to virtuGO and it’s fine.

Reseted the Password, no change !

Ok, thank you for the details! Can you try restarting your router? There doesn’t seem to be any issues on our side via

If resetting your router does not work I would contact your internet service provider to see if they can help further. is your computer (not going to try and explain it but trust me) and 8082 sounds like a proxy address. Check your Internet Explorer settings. The best place to look is in th Control Panel>Internet Options, then go to Connections>LAN Settings and make sure only Automatically deck setting is checked.

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