Can't log into Zwift

(Douglas Portz) #1

For some reason I can’t log into Zwift this morning.  I can put in username and password but I get an unable to connect error after a few minutes.

I new update downloaded just before I tried to log in.

Is there a problem with the new client?


(Tony DalPezzo) #2

Right now is the ride with Jensie.  My guess is the system is taking a beating.  I cannot logon either.

(Douglas Portz) #3

Well Zwift better think long and hard about starting to charge for the service, if their server can’t handle a single event.  Great way to lose all your customers before you even get started.

Guess I may as well renew my subscription to bkool instead since at least that service works.

good job zwift!!!


(Scott) #4

We know it’s frustrating! Many Zwifters have been experiencing log in issues this morning, myself included. Fortunately our server guys have been hard at work on a fix for this for months - it’s just not live yet. We were hoping Jens wouldn’t break the internet today.

Thanks for your patience as we use up our last beta credits. We’ll try and pedal a little faster!

(Jerry bad knees rehab Rollinson) #5

I am a new user, having just bought a Taxc Bushido Smart. I have the app on my Galaxy S5 and the programme on my PC. I can log in to Zwift on the PC but not on the Anfroid App as it says my details aren’t correct.
What is the matter and what is the fix please?

(Alex Cordova) #6

cannot log in to zwift since a week or two ago from now.  I can log into the app on the droid no problem but I cannot log in on all the way on the PC.  it allows me to log in to the screen that shows all the little options while it launches but then after about 30 sec it disappears.  help me please.

(Shinbon Lin) #7

I got same problem today, after I clicked “Remember Me” option, I can not login anymore.

(Luka Oraze KKKK) #8

I can’t login after I clicked “Remember Me” option.yesterday (06.02.2016). The application recognises me but that is all i can do.

(Scott) #9

Hi Lin - I see from your support ticket that you were able to solve the problem by deleting the Zwift folder located in “My Documents”. 

Hi Luka, please make sure that you’re running IE 10+. The login screen uses the system browser and Zwift doesn’t fully support IE 9. Please shoot us a support ticket if you continue to experience issues. Thanks.


(Chris Waters) #10

Hi Zwift,

When I load my zwift on my laptop it recognises me, but for some reason it will not accept my password.

First time this has happened - Do I need to do anything ?