Can't Log In to Your Child's Account? Guardians Please Read [January 2021]

The Kids Zwift Free program was first rolled out a year ago and we’re proud to help keep children active. Child safety and privacy have always been a priority, and in order to maintain compliance with child privacy laws around the world, and to keep Zwift a safe space for U16’s, we have had to implement a few changes.

It is now a requirement for all guardians to complete a form containing specific language providing consent.

Details of this change were communicated via email and many of you have helped us tidy up details of your child’s account by submitting an updated consent form - but many parents have not. We’ve exhausted our efforts to reach you, and needed to meet a deadline to demonstrate compliance of all child accounts.

Due to this deadline, we were required to delete those child accounts that had not been made compliant.

If you or your child have been affected by this - please reach out to our Support team and we’ll help you get sorted.

February 17 update:
Guardians: have you already submitted a support ticket to submit the updated consent form by either 1) using this form or 2) emailing Zwift Customer Support?

We’re working through a substantial backlog to get your childrens’ accounts back in proper order. The queue is longer than usual during the Northern Hemisphere winter season, but rest assured we’re working through all requests as swiftly as possible.

Our agents will contact you via email when we’ve reached your place in line. Please check both the guardian’s email as well as the child’s email used to create the Zwift accounts.

We’re encouraged that thousands of young riders enjoy cycling on Zwift, and that the Kids Zwift Free program is making a difference for so many families. Thanks for your patience!

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