Can't log in on windows 10

(Henrik Meyer) #1

I have the issuse, that I can’t push the orange Login Button on the initial screen.
I have a zwift account and don’t want to setup a new one.
Something is wrong with the scaling, as you can see in the picture. The second password field and the confirmation button is overlapping.

(Paul Allen) #2

Use the combination of CTRL - on your keyboard to change the magnification and you should be able to see it. 

(Ray Ruyack) #3

Perfect on this Paul.  Just set up a new laptop and had the same issue.


(Henrik Meyer) #4

Thanks a lot Paul. I had to use Ctrl +. But now it is working perfectly.

(Paul Allen) #5

I knew it was one of those that would work for you.

(David Whelan) #6

I had the same problem - Paul - thanks for the advice, that did it!