can't join group rides/races

(aaron balamatowski WCW) #1

starting this week i have not be able to join group rides/races also no other riders appear when i ride and the zwift moblie link no longer works. On strava it says that i rode with other riders who i cannot see everything has worked properly for me for the past year and i have not changed anything. if anyone has any information of ideas of what is wrong any help would me appreciated

(Stuart Middlecoate) #2

Is your date correct on your computer?

(Vicky Emmett V5) #3

I had the same problem this morning.  Had arranged to ride with friends on Zwift but was then the only person on the roads.  Tried restarting several times but still didn’t work.  Again Strava shows me as riding with others but I couldn’t see anybody.

(Reinier PAAUWE PelotonRacing) #4

I had the same happen 2 mins before the Stage 1 of Tour De Zwift. Dropped and didn’t return on time to race.

(Josie (Zwift HQ)) #5

There were some server-related issues that might have affected some of your rides. You also want to make sure you are on the latest update.

There is a known issue regarding Mobile Link: ZML can’t connect with game. We will post updates there.

(John Castro) #6

I believe I’m on the latest update on my PC, at least it auto updates.  I just started using Zwift and have not been able to join any rides.

(Poh Willson) #7

I have not been able to join group rides for several weeks now. Is there a fix? Frustrating, all set up to go on

Maratona dles Dolomites and could not join the group ride.

Also, my helmet on my avatar disappeared today.

(Matthew Whitwell) #8

Just connected and tried to join two different events but neither worked. I rode for 80 mins on my own even though there were apparently 4500+ other users connected. Wonder if there’s a big increase in users with new Christmas presents and it’s affecting the server? With recent price increase there should be no reason why proper hardware investment hasn’t been made.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #9

Is your time/date correct on your device as this can cause you to ride on a different course.

(Zigity Zagaty) #10

Same problem here.  Tried to join group ride, couldn’t, then rode alone for 85 minutes. There were more than 500 people on the group ride.  Are the servers too busy to let people one over a certain number?

(Howard Sewell) #11

Same problem here. Tried to join a race yesterday (WBR 1-lap) but couldn’t … strangely I could join other rides above and below in the list of upcoming rides but gave up after clicking over and over then giving up.

(Brian TheUser) #12

I can’t join any group workouts since 2 weeks ago. It was working fine before and nothing has changed on my device or network. I’m using zwift on iPhone. I can bike in zwift streets normally, and see the events updated, but it never puts me at the start up line nor drops me in a group of riders.

(Brian TheUser) #13

Found a solution, I updated tge zwift app and I can join now.

(Janne Pirttilahti KoS) #14

Having the same problem, just updated the software and that didn’t help.

The other day I “joined” a ride but found myself from a different route than others.

It’s a real pity that quality is like this. I love the concept and everything in it as long as it works but as I pay mainly because of the social aspect it seems that I may want to cancel this and give it a year or so and try again to see if Zwift can get their act together:( :frowning:

(Black Panda (C)wbr) #15

same problem here, no riders!


(Phil Barclay) #16

Same. Says I’m “going” to the group ride on the menu screen, but then nothing happens when it’s time to join. Really frustrating. Also no riders are visible throughout.

(Jason Walker) #17

Same problem since I joined months ago. I even reloaded operating system on my computer thinking I had something messed up. It says I joined but doesn’t ever pop up with a window or take me to the start. Very frustrating. I sent logs to support but it didn’t help.

(Greg A) #18

If you cannot join an event via the Zwift desktop application, try joining it using the mobile (phone) app. This has worked for me.

(Ben Fahy WBR (B)) #19

As per the above comments I can join the rides/events but no riders visible. Can see my position just not the other riders. Just updated the app as well. Pretty frustrating