Can't join friends on a ride

I can’t join any if my friends from the main menu anymore. I can see that they are listed but when I go to join them I just get placed on a random start point.
Anyone else having any issues ?

O yes it has been a problem since NYC landed.

Actually it was always a bit tricky, but lately it just don’t work.

Hey @Richard_Godfrey_SDCC my apologies for the late response! I see you sent in a support ticket about this issue. I am investigating an update on this bug although our teams have been made aware that this is happening.

Edit: @Richard_Godfrey_SDCC this issue was resolved on October 28/30 on various platforms. If you’re still having this issue can you please provide which world you were riding on, which Zwifters you were trying to ride with, and whether this has happened since October 31st. Thank you!