Can't go BACK and switch workouts without have to LOG BACK in entirely, very slow process

I find it very time consuming to try a workout and realize, no, I don’t want to do this one and then have to completely be logged out, wait for the log in process all over and pick another workout. Sometimes I look at 4-5 workouts which can take 20 minutes with this process.

THERE SHOULD BE A SIMPLE BACK BUTTON that takes you back to “select workout” area and you can just pick another. That you log entirely out each time is not user friendly at all.




You can view all the workouts at anytime, just open the app press"E" on your keyboard and you can open any workout and see it’s profile. You can do this well ahead of a ride so you can plan what workout you are going to do so you don’t waste time. 



I think what you could do i hit the E on your keyboard to bring up the workout window.

Ok. So if I’m in a workout and And decide I don’t like it (often you can’t tell Til post warm up when details appear more) I can just hit E and it takes me right back to select workout? I don’t plan to find workouts in advance etc. no offense. I do it in the moment. 

I will try and see if it allows me to end the current, not be logged out and browse another and just start. 

Thx let you know if it works. 

Also how do you hide comments? The doping endless cheat chat bubbles I don’t need to see. 

Hey Paul. The profile is often vague. Then you get into the 20 min and see its 30sec vo2 and 3 min sweet spot etc. once it gets there (doesn’t show you this Til the interval starts) I often want to switch out. 

Thx Anne

To turn off the chat bubbles (Group-Chat) you need to go the the settings page and select hide.


What helped me a lot was the Unofficial manual.

You can see the details of a workout by just clicking on it. You will see the workout profile on the right hand side and then you can determine if you want to do it. You can also adjust your FTP to make the workout harder or easier.

You can also create your own workouts.

Goto the Pause screen (Stop pedaling or hit the return arrow twice in the bottom left hand corner. Go to settings and you can Hide Group Chat.

Here is a link to a manual that might help you:

Yeah I tried to make my own! I had trouble making an over under one. I was excited and got stumped on how to make it not just 15 min steady?

thanks this is helpful info. 


There is DEFINITELY  a bug with workouts.  After completing a workout and then pressing E to go into the workouts library to start another one (or repeat), when pressing ‘Workout’ it takes you back to the game screen, but no workout is loaded.  I’ve been able to replicate this bug over and over again.

I did however find a workaround that doesn’t involve logging out.  All you have to do is open any workout in edit mode, and then save it, then select “Workout” and it will start the selected workout for you.

Hopefully the developers will fix this soon.