Can't give proximity rideons when riding with friend

My fiance can’t use this technique even in a free ride. She uses an iPhone, and the little circle gets covered over with my picture (because we ride together), and it just selects me. Any ideas?

Same here. Unless you get a gap between you…

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It help if you zoom in.

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Unfriend during the ride, and then refriend afterwards.

Tech support replied:

Hi Will!

Thanks for writing in!

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with Zwift.

Your fiance could use the Zwift Companion app​. The ZC works like a secondary controller for Zwift and can be used to register for events (when not currently using Zwift), perform emotes, take screenshots, do U-turns, etc.

I hope this information helps!

Ride On!

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This is a problem specific to using Zwift Companion app.

It’s not a problem if you have no friends :frowning:

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