Can't enter correct race category

My ZP profile is currently C.

However, I can’t enter any races at C - the only available options on the companion app are B or A.

I’ve looked at the new CP info but to be honest I don’t understand it - if my profile says C why can’t I enter a C category race??

Anyone help me out?

As usual, read the manual that Zwift can’t be bothered writing!

Hope that helps you

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Link to your Strava account, 60 day indoor W/Kg 2 parameter CP will give you a rough guide to your secret formula ZwiftHQ Category Enforcement level, usually equal or higher than your Zwiftpower level.

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Huh… my 2 parameter is a bit lower than ZwiftPower 95% of 20min, and significantly lower than the default eFTP.

By level I mean a/b/c/d.

It’s common to be say a Zwiftpower C, but be a Critical Power C or B. To be given a Critical Power D would be very rare.

My Zwiftpower three race average W/Kg of 95% of 20mins is lower than my two parameter CP at , but then most of my races are 6-15min z5 workouts, higher than my eFTP.