Can't download update

(Mike Blaszczak) #1

I’m unable to start Zwift today. The app starts, then says it needs to restart in order to update. The updating screen appears, and progress is extremely slow; right now, the estimate is 56 minutes for the download.  I don’t see the application using any network bandwidth and my internet connection is just fine.


Is there a problem with the Zwift servers?

(Mike Blaszczak) #2

Then, I got this message:


Update Failed during patching. Error Code: Z28 at Line 301 in Patcher.cpp.
Please Contact Zwift Support.
Would you like to try to launch Zwift anyway?
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(Will Johnson | Hunt Bike Wheels) #3

Mine as well, it started at 484 minutes to download, and after 2 hours it said 900 something minutes so I turned it off.

My broadband is fine, the program wasn’t really using any of its bandwidth.

Is there an alternative download/update site we can use?

(J Johnny) #4

Did you solve this issue? I am having the same problem today. Internet seems fine, have booted computer and router, deleted and reinstalled zwift. But it gets stuck on the update. Frustrating.

there is a string on the progress bar: data\audio\OSX\main/bnk

Don’t get the reference for OSX, since I am on a PC…

(Stephen Anderson) #5

Same problem for me today too… a 51mb update (so facebook’s Zwift group tells me) should be almost instant on my connection…  So far its been 30+ minutes and the estimate continues to vary from 54 mins to 100+ mins…

Server troubles guys?

(Amanda Barbeau) #6

any update here?  My app has been ‘updating’ for 2 hours… not clear if it is in fact updating or if there is an issue


(R yno Potgieter) #7

Update screen appears forever with no progress.

I uninstalled my previous version as i was unable to access it after a high def setting made on the menu function. 

Now  i just want to reinstall it again, but update runs forever?

Kindly advice?