Can't do 24/7 group rides nor free rides

When I select a group ride or a free ride, I do not see an option to actually do a ride. I’ve paid my bill, why can’t I use the service.

I’m not sure what you’re asking here. Where are you selecting ‘group ride’ or ‘free ride’? Are you selecting an event in the Companion app? Directly in the game? And for free rides, are you using the ‘just ride’ option?

I’m asking why I can’t join a 24/7 or a free ride. I select a ride in those categories and a description of a ride appears yet I can’t find an option to do the ride.

I am using Zwift companion on my phone and the web app on my Windows laptop. I can only do workouts or join scheduled events.

I can’t even do a Just Ride selection.

Looks like I fixed the problem. I disconnected and reconnected my monitor and now I see a start ride option.