Can't create an event with Road to sky

I have two strange issues.

  1. I ALWAYS get a Triathlon helmet on the first Power-up. Can’t remember it’s name. It doesn’t matter if it lands on something else - it just changes to that one.

  2. A somewhat more annoying bug. I can’t choose Road to sky when I create an event. All the other routes are available, and I’m at level 22. The problem began when I created a private event on Road to sky a month ago. When the start time came nothing happened, no one was transported and no-one could choose Join Event in Zwift. Since then I haven’t been able the choose Road to sky when creating an event, and if I choose a former event on that route I’m just sent on a different route when the event begins.

Has anyone got an idea as to what could be wrong, and has anyone experienced the same?

i’ve got the same issue, i can not see in the companion app the road to sky route. never have. so i need to select the tour fire and ice instead :slight_smile: any ideas?

Have a same issue and my friends as well. Have now selected tour if fire and ice instead but it isban annoying bug.

Yes I’m facing the same issue, so annoying, will try do fire and ice instead now

Same issue here, would be great to hear something from Zwift support

All on this thread:

We’ve had some issues with Road to Sky and Jungle Circuit when selected as a meetup / event. so we’ve removed them from the list of routes you can choose. We want to make sure that events work as they should when you select these challenging routes, so we appreciate your patience while this closed for remodel.

Hi. If I create a meet up for Tour or Fire and Ice, will we be able to access alpe du zwift? All riders are over level 20.

Hi, any update on this problem? It’s end of April and still i can’t select Jungle circuit or Road to Sky for a meetup.

These routes still present problems, and are not available to select for Events or Meetups.
When we have a fix, we’ll announce it on this thread.

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