Can't connect Cycleops Powersync to computer

(Jim McGroerty) #1

I finally have gotten around to joining Zwift, I have a new Cycleops Powersync Pro Ant+ trainer and a Garmin dongle. When I set it up (dongle is 1-2 inches from trainer) Zwift just keeps searching for trainer and is not connecting. How do I resolve this? Both myself and my daughter are anxious to get Zwifting, but I can’t get the trainer to connect. It connects fine to Cycleops Virtual Trainer App on my phone…

(Jim McGroerty) #2

It just (suddenly) connected… after 10 tries…

(Jim McGroerty) #3

nope, not working. says its connected, but my avatar just sits still… not reading any input.

(Jon Mayfield) #4

Hi Jim, are there any other things plugged into the USB ports next to your ant dongle?  Are you using an extension cable? It doesn’t take much to block the antenna and an inch or ten feet it might not work if there’s something interfering there by the dongle.