Cannot signup for contest or challenges

Hi Gerrie, thanks for saying about the new drop feature. It does seem to be an apple problem. I don’t have the new drop shop feature and I also don’t have the ability to sign up for the Jaybird challenge. Rather gutted as I’m new to Zwift and been on it a week, didn’t realise they didn’t support apple very well.

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Scrap all my problems. Just checked the App Store and had an update that hadn’t installed properly. Updated and all features and now available in both my iPad and iPhone.


Thanks @Sophie_Pollard For letting us know. So Checking the app store solved your problem.

I cannot see the mission at all on my Apple TV either.

I did not see to sign up for it in the Zwift Companion for Android either.

Make sure that the Zwift app is fully up to date on the ATV. Also, do you see the Drop Shop on the Zwift app?

I don’t think you can sign up for the Mission on the ZCA.

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Thanks! I use the Apple TV pretty much only for Zwift. I have it set to automatically update apps and I thought that it did but apparently automatically update does not mean what I thought it did in Apple TV land. Now I know that manual intervention may be required with this thing.

Thanks again!

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Auto-update works. However, it is not instantaneous. Hence, if you know there has been an update via news, friend, forums, etc., you should manually double check for an update. Otherwise, the auto-update may take a few days. This applies to both the apps as well as the Apple tvOS.