Cannot sign out of a ZRL race

Cannot sign out of a ZRL race. Even my captain cannot sign me out. The ‘sign out’ button does not work on the team mgmt page.

Is this be design? I should be able to take myself out if I cannot race last minute. Or at least my captain should be able to.

think you have to sign out by going to the event page on zwift. the same method you would use to sign out of a regular zwift event

so i see, haven’t been in that situation myself in a long time, so things have changed. my bad. i don’t have a plan B for you that doesn’t involve WTRL or ZHQ intervention, but if only a maximum of 6 people enter the race and leave the start pen then it won’t be an issue in practise. unless they’ve also added something to physically stop more than 6 people from signing up to a WTRL event in the last couple of seasons as well

Yeah, I’m just not joining the race at all. Won’t leave the pen. But there is a button on the WTRL Team Management page that is for this option ( to sign out of a race) but it does not work. Clicking the button does nothing. Leaving the pen from the companion app…cannot do that either. Oh well. As long as I don’t join and don’t leave the pen, the team will be fine.

yeah, i can at least confirm it won’t cause any problems for your team in that regard. it was some years ago, but i vaguely remember being on a team one week where we had 7 or 8 people on the start sheet, with 6 starters and it wasn’t an issue.

One of our club members had a similar issue and the solution required WTRL intervention. I guess as long as you don’t roll over the start line you should be okay.

PS Some other teammates were having a different problem with their site and they logged out and then put their browser into incognito mode and they were able to do things again. So you might give that a whirl.