Cannot log in

(Alistair Aitken) #1

Just tried to start a workout to try the new workout mode - the program crashed on macbook pro (unresponsive, had t force quite).

Now trying to log back in, and cannot log in - ‘failed to log in - check internet connection’, I take it some server has fallen over at your end?

Will keep trying.

(Steve Kocik) #2

Was having the same problem.  On the third try it let me in.  Not sure if repeated "try"s solve the problem or it is something else.

(Alistair Aitken) #3

Ok, managed to log in after 5 or so tries.

Selected workout with modified FTP, looked like the program was hanging but after waiting a minute or so it has started.

Here goes.

(Stef Levolger) #4

Struggling to get in here as well. No real luck thus far yet.

(Alistair Aitken) #5

Hmm, some issues just now - was all looking good but Zwift crashed again as soon as I switched to full screen. Try again.

(Alistair Aitken) #6

I’ve managed to get it working in ‘normal’ mode, but it is much slower than usual and no other riders are present.

In workout mode it is a slideshow, so not really useable just now.

I think there are some server side issues just now that need to be fixed. It’s not normally like this.

(Stuart Rutherford(GGCC)) #7

I have the same issue. I managed to login first time but the screen that you select workout from list was flickering and difficult to make a selection. I managed to pick a workout but the frame rate was very poor when cycling the course. The program crashed after a bit then I couldn’t log back in. 

(Madeleine Kraus) #8

I tam a Level 20 rider with about 100 hours in the beta world, and apart from the Jensie ride, everything has been seamless and perfect. Today, though, there was a big update and after that I spent 15 minutes trying to log in and had only “failed login check internet connection” messages. So I got on with my old fashioned workouts … my confidence in paying $10 / month prospectively  is a bit shaken. Perhaps funding an account and then having a dollar deducted for every dayI ride/train - that way if there is block at the log in level, I have not given away money. Marginal losses add up too !


Madeleine Kraus

(Mats Hagman SZR (B)) #9

I also have problem. Getting a 404 when trying to start the app and on the web dashboard.

(Kevin S) #10

Clearly they are having issues.  I’m now getting the 404 as well after not being able to login. So here I am standing in front of my PC with my bike shorts on, its raining outside and no where to go. 

(Frank Goehner) #11

I was having the same issue, after  a few tries I was able to log in.  

(Trevor McKnight) #12

Had the same issue with crashing at the start this morning.  In the past I had to uninstall and then reinstall the program.  This time after uninstalling, when I go to download the free trial I get a 404 error or a “504 Gateway Timeout nginx”

(nuno borges SMITE LDR��) #13

Having the same issue with “login failed - check internet connection”

it’s still in Beta people - relax with the unecessary and severe judgmental comments.

support these guys and they’ll get it right. 

until then, enjoy your ‘free’ access.


(Steve Kocik) #14

Same issues as others.  After logging on, was able to actually start a work out.  Road a total of 60 minutes, however, with all of the “freezes” only recorded or logged approximately 15 minutes.  Interaction was choppy at best.  Would wait till issues are fixed.  This is a beta, stuff happens.

(Alistair Aitken) #15

It’s working again now chaps.

(Chris Carney) #16

not here! Cant log in, get the “check internet connection” message straight after updating have tried various re-boots etc but no luck. Dissapointing

(Madeleine Kraus) #17

Follow up to yesterday morning:

I tried again yesterday afternoon, and log-in went seamlessly.  I slipped straight into the FTP test and rode for a total of 90 minutes, including the est and after. While there was some color distortion during the test, the nuts and bolts of it all worked as I expected it to. The access issues earlier in the day seems to have disappeared spontaneously, and I am left wondering whether it was a glitch in the app that the developers fixed, or whether it was a volume problem that overwhelmed the servers.

Reliability of access will remain a concern going forward, but the FTP test will be more useful to me than anything achievable on the road (uniform warm up, no stop signs, potholes, or dogs in the road) and so my feelings evolve into Cautious Optimism.

Many thanks developers and keep on developing!

Madeleine Kraus

(David Bananosipedist) #18

Still the same problems, yet in final version. I have ridden about 1 hour, clicked on save on Strava - the app freezes and I can log in anymore. 10 Euro? The Support ticket is for 2 days open. Hmm, never again, if the old problems will not cured.

(Madeleine Kraus) #19

After upgrading the driver on my laptop all is well for me.