Cannot get my stages power crank meter to pick up by Zwift

(Debbie Luck) #1

I can’t get my Bluetooth on desktop to recognize my stages crank arm power meter. I haven’t been on Zwift for a couple weeks. Had no problem in past. Don’t know why it won’t work now. 

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks

(Paul Allen) #2

You would need to use the Zwift Companion App to bridge the Bluetooth to the desktop running Zwift. You cannot connect the Stages directly to a PC using Bluetooth for use with Zwift.

Make sure that the Stages is not connect to any other device or app, this includes your desktop and phone before opening Zwift. A couple other things to try is to make sure you wake-up the Stages by pedaling before opening Zwift and make sure that the battery is still ok.

A better option is to use an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension.

(Debbie Luck) #3

I am not doing anything different than what I did in the past, to which I had no problem.

My stages crank arm is new, so battery should be just fine.

Only thing I did different was wash bike, and ride outside for a few days.


(Paul Allen) #4

Make sure that the ZCA and the computer that is running Zwift are both connected to your local network.

More info of your setup is need to assist you, saying nothing has changed does not give enough info.