Cannot create a club in ZC

I use the Zwift app on an iPad and have ZC installed on my iPhone. I am level 13 and cannot add a club, even though I am a paying subscriber. Support has tried many things but the error still shows I have to be level 5+ to add a new club. What am I doing wrong?

Have you tried installing ZCA on your iPad?

are you using the same email address/account for logging into both the game and the ZC app?

I had ZC on my iPad, but Zwift support told me they shouldn’t be on the same device, so I removed ZC from the ipad and the main Zwift app from my iphone. Hard restart didn’t work. Removed app and reinstalled and signed in…didn’t work. Same WIFI…didn’t work.

Yes, same email/account.

There is absolutely no issue with having both the game app and ZC installed on the same device. Can’t run both together but can be used independently of each other.

I was just intrigued if the same thing happened on both devices.

Only workaround i can offer is to have someone create the club for you and then give you admin rights for you to manage it after.

If you PM me the details i can do it for you.

Thanks Stuart. I have tried to do it on both the ipad and my phone and it won’t work on either. I thought about having one of my friends start the club and then sign it over to me. I guess I’ll try that. Thanks.

UPDATE: Zwift Support got back to me and said it had to be a glitch. They are giving me a free month and setting up my club for me.