Cannot complete Strava linking.

(Richard Watkins) #1

(Richard Watkins) #2

Every time I try to link Strava, I get a pulsing orange graphic. I’ve tried two browsers and get the same response.

(Hugo Vallee-Pouliot Tfc B) #3

Same for me

(Mark Weir) #4

Me too…

(Richard Watkins) #5

Are you using iOS ??? I could only login with Chrome on OS X. Safari and Chrome on iOS would not work for me. This was a suggestion I received from Zwift support.

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #6

Link Strava from a Chrome browser will work but don’t use an iDevice. Use an pc or Mac. I can confirm this will work.

(Sarah Deemer [FEAR]) #7

I am having this same issue. I am using Safari on my MacBook pro.

(Richard Watkins) #8

Same issue with my MBP. I used Chrome and it worked. Best of luck with it.

(Noel Kerger) #9

I had the same issue through safari on both ipad and iphone.  I then downloaded the mobile link app and completed the connection through there.

I’m still trying to work out how to share the ride I did before linking Strava??

(Richard Watkins) #10

Download the .fit file from Zwift under your activities. On Strava, go to upload activity and then choose file. Select the file you downloaded with Zwift. Did it today and it worked well.

(Kim Larsen) #11

I fanally downloaded Chrome for my mac and now it works 

(M PWR) #12

I have the same problem. Doesn’t work with safari, Firefox or the zwift mobile. Will try chrome now.