Cannot change route

Here is an example of the issue I am having: I set the ‘Ride Type’ to Just Ride and the route for instance to ‘Three Sisters’.  Every time I click on ‘Ride’, the ride is always the ‘Hilly Loop’. I stop the ride, do not save it, return to the menu and choose the Ride Type and Route again and the ride is again the Hilly Loop. I am using the AppleTV app along with the Zwift mobile app

The Three Sisters route will start on the Hilly Route and that will show at the top, this goes for a few other routes like Volcano Flat. Ignore what it says on the top and ride and you will do the Three Sisters route.

As Paul has said, there isn’t a title that will come up telling you you’re riding the Three Sisters. What you will see are the official segment names you are currently on as you move through the Three Sisters route.

Many of the segments will not be completed by you before your planned chosen route changes direction in favour of, in your example, the Three Sisters. 

You can of course manually change direction to leave the Three Sisters route in favour of staying on the segment.