Cannot access dashboard using Chrome browser?

Hi, Using chrome i just get the loading icon when trying to login and access my dashboard.
I’ve tried clearing my cache.

Any ideas?


Try turning off your browser add ins. I had a youtube caching app that caused the same type of issue.


Hey Ryan, are you still just getting the loading icon?

I am, I’ve tried clearing the cache and disabling all extensions. I’ve also removed icloud sync from my desktop in case that was related to the issue. No change :frowning:

Are you able to access the site in another browser?

Yes, safari no problem. I can even access it on chrome on iPhone, so really can’t nail the issue???

I also have this. Have to swap to another browser to view so just dont bother now. Waste of time

Clearing cache and cookies should resolve this problem, but you should also be able to see the site by switching to private browsing or incognito mode or by using a different web browser. If our website is affected, it’s likely other websites will be affected too.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this because it clears absolutely everything in your browser, but Google has an article on resetting Chrome to defaults that should work if no other option does.

Not even incognito mode worked. Just so you are aware, this doesn’t affect any other sites i visit???

So, I’m now getting the same issue across multiple devices and browsers. First it was chrome on my mac, now i’m getting it on safari on my mac, and also just noticed it’s happened on chrome on my ipad!

Can someone tell me that it’s not just my cache but possibly something at Zwift HQ!!


Same problem here as well with Chrome 72 under Mac OS X.

Was working fine with Chrome 71, but something obviously broke down with the upgrade to version 72 under Mac OS X.

Still works fine with other browsers or with 72 under Windows 10. It’s not an extension or cache problem.

same problem here.

Same here with Chrome on both mac and pc.
Have to use safari or internet explorer.
but this is only on my page, other pages on works as they should…

Edit… Can’t load on chrome for Android either.


Now getting the same problem under Windows and OS X, various browsers and systels, regardless of add-ons, cache/cookies cleaning…and I’m only getting this problem with the Zwift dashboard. Only way to get it working correctly is through iOS, Safari or Edge.

It’s obviously a Zwift dashboard issue.

Hello Zwift ???

Are you referring to the lack of the hamburger button? I also have that problem today.

Only way to get to the forum is if you know the adress:

Same over here. With Chrome on MacOS I get a white screen. Safari does display everything correctly.

I have latest version of Chrome on PC and cant get it to load unless I use Incognito mode. Copy their address, load incognito mode and paste that address in there, thats how I got it to work.
I have reported to Zwift many times but no fix.
Firefox web browser works, so does Microsoft Edge.
As others say, no problem anywhere else… just Zwift!

I am using Chrome as we speak.

Did you try to clear the cash, cookies and browser history?