Cannot accelerate

Between February and March, I was riding “B” races and I always reached a respectable standing (top 5). I took a month off to train for something else.

I come back and start riding “B” races. For some reason, I can pedal as hard as I can and I barely go over 200. I joined a “C” race and I the same issue. In one race at “C”, at 4:37 of the race, there are two “C” racers that are 1:30 ahead of me.

I then joined a “D” race, and there is one “D” rider 40 seconds ahead of me and 2 “C” riders ahead of me.

The issue is that it seems I can’t speed up. I sent zwift the log files, but they didn’t see anything wrong.

What else can I do?

Well you can lose a lot in a month but anyhow i don’t believe you’d drop way off and not be able to keep up anymore. Are you sure your Home Trainer is working properly? I am guessing you’re using a Tacx or Wahoo or something in that order?

Sounds like a trainer issue. What’s your trainer? If it’s a wheel on trainer then it needs a spindown calibration done every ride and after warming it and the tyre up.

Thanks. I’m using the wahoo device that you attach to the tire and the cycleops mag trainer.

How can I do a “spindown calibration”?

Hopefully this link will help me:

Is this a smart trainer? If so it needs the spindown calibration done every ride. If it’s a dumb trainer then no calibration is required but you need to ensure it’s a dumb trainer that Zwift sports and you have it selected on the pairing screen.

It’s not a smart trainer.

It’s not a smart trainer, and it’s a zwift-certified trainer. It’s the mag+.

Suggest you file a support ticket if you haven’t resolved this.

I did, several of them.

Here’s a screenshot of the emails sent:

I’m posting it in case someone from zwift writes that they can’t find any emails under my name.