Cannondale CAAD12 - compatible?

I am new to Zwift. I put an 11 speed on my wahoo kickr and it is slow and not real smooth like when I am riding the bike. Any suggestions?

Tom Johnson

That’s what I ride on my direct drive trainer. Can you provide some details around “slow and not smooth”? What Kickr do you have?

It’s just a lot slower on the app then in real life. And also feels like the derailers are off when I’m on the kicker I’m not sure on the model I’m at work right now.

Does your rear wheel on the bike also have an 11 speed cassette? How old is the chain, could be stretched out and not seating correctly on the new cassette.

Speed will be different based on the in-game factors on Zwift, see this post for more info:

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If you’re using a different cassette on the trainer feom your bike (or even if you’re not), then it’s possible that some slight rear derailleur adjustment is necessary.


“Does your rear wheel on the bike also have an 11 speed cassette?”
@Mike_Rowe1 I believe all CAAD12 have 11 speed. It is a pretty new model.

Because the axle on your rear wheel may be slightly different than on your trainer, if you are using a direct drive that is, you may need to index your rear derailleur. There is a barrel adjuster on the cable going into you rear derailleur. Turn it clockwise to make your derailleur move slight to the right or smaller cog and to counterclockwise to move it to the left or easier cog.