Cancel or skip update

Any chance to temporarily cancel or skip or jump over zwift update and go ride. E.g. in case of very slow internet connection. Automatic updates makes me a terrible problems when connected via satellite.

This is important. There should be a way to postpone or skip or delay updating. Possivly revet back during. Allow change of int connection during etc.

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having people on multiple different versions of Zwift causes issues in game and introduces a lot of buggy behavior. It is best for everyone when we are all on the same version.


That’s clear, but is there a chance to download new version at least via FTP? With slow link which is time to time interrupted is hard to download ZwiftApp.exe (size unknown), install it and ride. So for me new version = 7days no zwift, but I pay for.

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If you are on PC, you can switch auto updates of.
Android too. But I do not know what happens, when you start the not updated app…

I did not find the option to switch auto update off in desktop (pc) version. But there is a one way how to run ZwiftApp in old version.

I don’t think this is true, you can turn off background downloading, but when you open zwift on pc it will download and install the latest before you can ride.

What will happen if zwift change the way starting pens work for instance, then if you are on a old version you wont be able to join the ride because you version does the wrong thing.

Click on up-arrow


right click on Zwift icon


Background Updating off … it says Updating, not Download … but that’s why I wrote I do not know what happens when you start (not updated?) Zwift - look what Gerrie Delport says; I think he is right (he ist mostly right…)!


Not the same thing. This is Background Updating, while @Capt_Jakub_Sklenar is talking about automatic updates that occur when you open the launcher.

Ok. I ordered a new phone since none of my suff was current enough. It supposed to have android 9.0.0 or slightly higher.

I was just trying to save from having to buy anything more. Thanks for info Mike Rowe