Canada Availability

I questioned Zwift Support about the fiscal and gameplay advantage afforded to those that can purchase Zwift Play. Here’s the ridiculous response I got back:

"My name is ***** a specialist here at the Zwift Shop! Currently at the Zwift Shop we only ship within the US, UK, and EU - as you know.

We are supporting around 80% of our customer base with operations in these regions and we will continue to expand in geography where we can provide a great experience . That is the most important aspect of this all, and we are only able to guarantee that great experience within the US, UK, and EU as of now.

While expanding to new markets presents various challenges that must be prioritized within our roadmap, we will never shy away from continuing to look into it."

80% of the customer base is in UK, EU & US.

That can’t be right. Given that many European countries aren’t in the EU that’s a fair chunk alone.

Add in Canada, Australia, South America & Asia & you’ve still only got 20% ?
The numbers don’t sound right to me.

This is so frustrating…I was recently in Bulgaria for a vacation and noticed that I could order a Zwift Play and have it delivered there…Amazon doesn’t even deliver there…but I can’t have one delivered in Canada. I’ve been told by a rep to have it delivered to someone in the US or UK

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@gozwift will not respond on why we have been excluded. To add insult to injury Shane Miller (GPLama) in a recent YouTube video states that there is some great unlocked potential in the Zwift Play. Zwift is a small tech company attempting to play a big game with poor marketing/distribution leadership.


Don’t you know someone in the US that can accept a shipment?

No I don’t. But that is not the issue. The real issue is that Zwift is creating winners and losers by not treating all its subscribers equally. All subscribers have contributed toward the development and ongoing upgrades to Zwift Play yet 20%+ of subscribers are denied access. BS business practice.


I absolutely agree with Sussex Geezer. The Zwift Play Controllers give some subscribers a significant competitive advantage in races when it comes to drafting. Those subscribers can steer into a better draft when behind, or prevent others from drafting behind them when they are ahead. I have seen several examples of this in all of my recent races. I’m sick of it! It’s not fair that we pay the same monthly fee but we are not racing on a level playing field. Zwift either needs to sell the device in Canada, pronto, or disallow use of steering in category enforced races. Period. If that is not done, then myself and other Canadians will soon close our Zwift accounts and ride elsewhere.

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Still hoping that the decision makers understand the flaws of this current business plan. Their silence on this is disturbing

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With all the issue with the play controllers, I’m glad I bought a Elite Sterzo smart instead.

Andy, I ended up getting my Zwift Play Controllers shipped to Canada via MyUS. It was more costly and took a bit longer but I’m happy I did it.

Which site did you order from? And when you ordered it do you just choose your carrier or how do you go about using MyUS?

When you get a MyUS account, they give you a virtual mailing address at their facility. You then buy the controllers directly from Zwift’s site and ship it to that address. When it arrives, then MyUS ships it to you. I can’t remember how much it cost but it wasn’t terribly high.

given the not infrequent issues mentioned in these forums, does MyUS work going the other direction as well? Assuming Zwift maybe won’t provide warranty service to a Canadian address who somehow got their hands on this equipment?

Haha, I have no idea. But I haven’t had any problems with my controllers.

Does anyone know if we will finally have access to getting the controllers in Canada? I had heard that we could now have them delivered in the month of March 2024, but I can’t find anything on the websites! Thank you very much!

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There hasn’t been any announcement yet

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I hope this is true.

I did that too ordered via MyUS. But it was quite expensive. The Zwift Play was $99 US, so $136.53 CAD. MyUS charged $54.82 US ($75.75 CAN) and DHL $38.12 CAD. Total of $250.40 CAD. Then I had a problem with the right controler. They wanted me to ship it via a US address, which I can’t do. MyUS don’t do Canada to US. They finally accepted to ship a new one on a video proof of destructing the defective controler. But it cost me $79.82 in shipping with MyUS and Fedex.

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We still can’t get Zwift Controllers in Canada. Frankly I’m getting tired of the disadvantage I have in races without controllers. I’m going to be in the UK in a few weeks, but I can only order them and get them delivered to the U.S. is there any way I can get them delivered to my friends address in London? This is so frustrating!!! If you’re going to give advantages to riders with controllers, make the damn things available to EVERYONE. Otherwise disable them in races. It’s BS. Rouvy is starting to look good.

While I sympathise with the lack of Zwift Play availability for you in Canada, you don’t need the Zwift Play contollers to get steering. An Elite Sterzo will give you that too, and you should be able to get hold of one in Canada.

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