Can you use 'Level' mode in Zwift?

Hi All,

I’m looking to upgrade my turbo trainer… I currently have a Turbo Muin Smart B+ - and I like the power curve aspect of it - which I know can be replicated by using ‘Level’ mode on newer Turbo trainers.

However, I am not sure if I would be able to use ‘Level’ Mode in Zwift (I have only seen simulation or ERG mode).


Hi @Antoine_Vigneau_9017, welcome to the forums. I’ve not heard of Level mode, can you explain this?

Level mode applies a standard resistance curve to the trainer (not based on the terrain)… It’s replicates liquid resistance trainers.
Basically, the harder you peddle the higher the resistance.

If you connect to Zwift - can you deselct ‘controllable’… if so - what mode would Zwift use?

That would result in Flat Earth Mode.

Else Yes, you can simply unpair/disconnect the controllable and use apps like Trainer Road, to
control the trainer with manual Slope, Level or Erg mode.

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I think it depends on the trainer you have, but I’m not sure this would work on Zwift with most smart trainers. I think the Saris H3 maybe has similar resistance if not paired as controllable, @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ might know?

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You can turn off ERG in the companion app and that will be on incline mode where you can set the resistance/brake of the trainer. You can do this in workouts not in free ride.

If you want to do it in free ride you have to unpair the controllable part and use the Trainer app to set the resistance.