Can we please have some longer routes?

I agree!
Just brain storming:

  • Europe (Innsbruck, Paris, France, Bologna, Scotland, Yorkshire and London);
  • Watopia with some future expansions, like a costal route and new routes to Epic Kom Radio Tower and AdZ;
  • Japan (ou Asia for future expansions) with the Makuri map;
  • Americas (Richmond and an improved NY … + crit city??? + Rio de Janeiro route??? )

Would be simple and easy to understand.

The world rotations would give a great variety of routes. An expanded Watopia would be great with lots of climbing routes; a big coastal road would give a lot of flexibility for people that want to make big miles and not much elevation. And the Europe map (with the possibility to connect old routes) would be massive and awesome to explore.

Then improve Japan and Americas with time :wink:

I can´t see the scenery when I’m in pain and my brain don´t get the O2 it needs :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I agree with you on that. More route badges would be great.

It’s disappointing that we don’t seem to have been gifted any new routes as part of the ToW this year. Last year a load of the Rebel Routes were made official.


Agreed, that was a pretty big disappointment.

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New 146 km route on France.
As of first day only 5 have completed this ride.

Did you ride the new 147 km route yet?

Nope. It’s very repetitive, nothing new and pretty uninspiring. Plus I’m more interested in some 40-60km long routes.

One thing i’d like to see is the ability to choose another route in game (maybe via the companion app) and then you can go straight to it a bit like how you join an event if you are already riding somewhere.

I know it won’t help the people who want one single 100 mile route in strava or whatever but if i could do a 15 mile route then select a different route and go straight to it without having to save and go back to the homscreen (or worse - i’m looking at you android!) would be great.

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I’m planning to do this route even though it’s not an inspiring one, but I’m not the kind of rider who can rush into a route that long. I had been planning to finally do PRL Full in a couple weeks but I might do this one instead. Also Strava won’t tell you when I do it since that’s not how I roll.

New? It’s the same roads as before - just longer distance.

There were already some long events that were 160km on the France world.

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Now I’m confused–isn’t that what people are asking for in this thread? Not more roads (although I also want that too), but more and longer routes.

I mean, give me both for sure :slight_smile: But any new route that doesn’t include new roads is going to be on the same roads, right?

If you look at the new route, it just basically does a lot of figure eights and reverses on the same roads. I take it that the call is for connecting lots of roads that go to different places in order to get a long overall route.

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Sure. So maybe it’s a matter of degree? Because in Watopia, we have routes right now that hit all the places, right? So a new longer route there will be the same roads too. But maybe that would be better than one in France because there’s just more roads, so it would be less noticeable? Or because there’s still room to hit the roads in a slightly different order?

I see the general point. Creating a 146km route on the Paris map wouldn’t be a huge cause for celebration, right? :slight_smile:

I wonder how many Zwifters have as many good IRL options for “longer” routes as some seem to want from Zwift. Realistically, considering safety and convenience, my IRL options are much more limited than my options on Zwift.

I’m in Iowa–if you don’t mind gravel (which I happen to prefer over tarmac), you’ve got most of an entire state to ride relatively traffic-free. I’m talking 3 hour rides where you pass 10 vehicles.

Here’s the map–all the red lines are gravel roads. That’s a lot of routes to plan :slight_smile:


Zwift has completely hamstrung itself by making lots of little worlds. I rode Scotland today, did the 15 mile route, andf that’s basically the whole world, i rode it twice, that was… errrrrr… fun!?

If i could have do the 15 mile scotland course, then seamlessly done the innsbruck UCI route, then a lap of paris that would have been great, not new roads, but not having to weave arouynd or loop over the same bits over and over in one ride.

but we are where we are so if you want to ride for an hour or more your options are very limited without just doing laps of small and quickly boring routes.

Someone has to be. :grin:

Credit to Bill Bryson for that one.


I do, I can put together some massive rides IRL in Sydney going to Katoomba and back or down past Camden and returning - all would be 200km+. You can go the other direction north east and get plenty of hills too.

There are a few options still in Zwift, a course containing ADZ, the cliff side bypass and Epic KOM would give a tough ride and not be so common.

I’m 100% with you on the issue of connecting worlds/worlds being too small.

I’m generally fine with stopping and saving and restarting a new route all as part of one ride (I stop at gas stations and for nature breaks on IRL rides), but it would be added value to be able to warp or ride through a magic tunnel or whatever to another map. Somewhere in another thread here I daydreamed about a route starting in Paris, running through France, passing through London, then through Yorkshire, and ending up in Scotland. Would be great.

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It is “a new route”
People asked for a time trial route for a long time…
But when Tempus Fugit arrived, very few rode even the 50 or 100 km.
Yet someone said it should have been the length of the long Ironman course.(180 km) :thinking: