Can we please have some longer routes?

Watopia Perimeter Route? I always have this idea that Zwift could really make full use of Watopia to its fullest potential.

Imagine if we can use all that Watopia Perimeter to form a long flowing route that hugged along the coastlines (ala La Primavera Milan San Remo style). Along the way, we use the current bridges and link ways to traverse across each inlet.
Watopia Perimeter Route Map (hypothetical)

Though I am not sure how much distance this will actually garner but for certain it will be quite some mileage in each loop. I am sure it will keep the long distance folks pretty happy if this can ever become a reality. Zwift also does not have to create a new world but add new road/furniture.

Idea for thought.


Sometimes I think that everyone wanting longer routes just doesn’t appreciate Tempus Fugit enough :laughing:

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I think it’s been established that Zwift can time out any ride that started more than 72 hours previous.

I’m with you! I’d LOVE for Zwift to create some courses like the Ride Across America (maybe TOO big, that’s another feature I want, the ability to do bike trips on Zwift!) but why not just link the worlds together!!!

YES, I’m with you!! Agreed!! Much Needed!

The only question is, how many miles would Watopia have after it’s added?!

Longer routes would be good, but Uber Pretzel ticks the boxes in a lot of cases. If a longer route ends up like the London PRL full, the route could be grim.

I think there should be added unlocks for distances.

  • Any route or roam over 200km in a single ride = extra XP and/or socks/cap etc to mark it.
  • Any single ride >500km for an exclusive 500km jersey plus any bike of your choice from the drop shop.
  • Any week >1,000km and gain an invite to the secrete 1k km Club that has access to Jarvis Island, “One week, 1,000km” jersey and additional perks, % discount for the next year of Zwift subs.
  • Any single ride over >1,000km and unlock your own personal instance of Jarvis Island for inviting who you wish onto the island for your own private parties and access to a exclusive bikes (Pinarello Espada :wink: ), discounted/free Zwift for the next year.

Uber Pretzel has too much elevation for such a short distance.
If you read the thread you would clearly see that this is the oposite of what i’ve been asking for.

I still only want longer routes that doesn’t force me to climb too much.
I could ride across norway and have less climbing per KM than Uber Pretzel.

As for your unlocks i don’t see the need.


Of course you could turn down trainer difficulty if you don’t like feeling climbs or shifting much.