Can’t start Zwift on windows 10

I have been running Zwift for years on this PC. Over the last couple weeks I have had to uninstall and clear the registry before reinstalling it to use it each time. It will only work the first time it starts after the install. The next time it won’t start and I repeat the process. Symantec is installed and it is a work computer. This has never been a problem until the last 2-3 weeks. Please help.

Do you get this error: Can't launch Zwift errors 400 403 404? [April 2021]

No error. Just never even starts. The blue circle appears for a half second then nothing.


Because it’s a work computer - check through the issues that can cause this symptom in our Support Hub.

if your company’s IT department is sharp - they should be conscientiously securing your laptop and their network. Is it possible that they may have made changes in the past 2-3 weeks?