Can’t seem to move very fast


I have just set up my Bike on a yaheetech mag trainer with wahoo Blue SC sensors for both speed and cadence.
I have gone on various rides and just can’t seem to get over 10mph. My avatars legs are going so fast they are almost a blur, I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong with the set-up etc.
I want to be able to enjoy cycling indoor (new to this btw), but when I am pedalling like mad yet only moving at a slug pace, it’s not very enjoyable.
Any help/advice would be very much welcomed

Is it possible you have set it up in reverse and what the sensor thinks is your cadence is actually the rotation of your rear wheel and what it thinks is your rear wheel spinning is actually your cadence?


Jesus I hope it isnt that as that would be incredibly embarrassing haha…I didnt think that was possible to do but I’ll have to have a look. I’ll report back in the morning but I’m pretty sure I set it up as per the instructions…hmmm, thanks, I hope to report it is not that, although if it is, then I hope it fixes the problem! Thank you :slight_smile :slight_smile:

This might not be the issues, but it’s certainly worth a look. I’m only guessing thus based on your comment about the really fast cadence. You might post a pic of your sensor set up, too, so that someone with more knowledge can chime in.


Sooooo…I have to admit, that I am feeling very embarrassed now haha…you were right, I had set it up the wrong way, so a massive thank you to you for pointing that out! I was up and running yesterday and did my first 12 mile bike ride and upgraded straight away, I love it!

Many thanks again for your zwift response, it’s much appreciated!