Can’t link zwift hub to wahoo rgt

Hi all, I just purchased the zwift hub and it works great on the zwift app. I understand that this trainer is also compatible with 3rd party apps such as wahoo rgt. However when I try to pair the zwift hub to the wahoo rgt, the app shows it can not find the sensor ( searching for sensor). Anyone know is there specific way to pair zwift hub to wahoo rgt? I did downloaded both rgt and remote rgt apps.


it is probably still paired with Zwift or something, it should work.

Best is to reach out to RGT

Okay thanks, yes I did not sign out zwift so that might be the problem. I will unpair zwift and try again tonight.

Oh yes, that would cause issues. Make sure to force close Zwift if you are using an ipad, phone or apple tv.

Hey mike can u tell me how to force shut down zwift? I have downloaded the apps on my iPhone.
This trainer is working good on the zwift app but I just want to test it if it’s really compatible with 3rd party app as some said.

I know it’s snarky, but I couldn’t resist :innocent:

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