Can’t join friends or see connections

For the last 48 hours I can’t join friends on a ride and also can’t see them on the mini map or list even though they can see me. Friends are within seconds of my avatar but won’t show on my screen or the companion app.

Suport have been useless.

I have rebooted everything and reinstalled all apps to no avail. Internet is working perfectly.

Any others experiencing this??

Are you on a Wattbike or Kickr bike?

Yes. It is apparently an issue for some Wattbike Atom users.

Kickr for many years.
It doesn’t make any sense, hoping it will resolve
Or RGT it will be :sunglasses:

Yes - started the other day - though just with some friends. They could see me, but I couldn’t see them…

I’m using a Kickr Snap…any thoughts?

I’m so glad to hear it happening to someone else and not just me!! I could see some friends today but not others. Maybe it’s a glitch with the last update.